Tristan Thibodeau

Empowerment Coach

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Wellness-Minded Chef

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- You feel physically unwell - 


  • You have little to no energy which keeps you from being social and enjoying your life

  • You’re bloated, constipated, irregular, or frequently experience other digestive issues

  • Your sleep quality is suffering and you want help improving your nighttime routine


- You feel emotionally or mentally unwell -


  • You feel like you just haven’t been yourself lately and want help getting back to normal

  • You are unhappy with your life and how things have been going and you want support with gaining some perspective

  • You are unhappy with who you are or what you look like and as a result, you have low self-esteem and lack confidence


- You have no support - 


  • You constantly feel overworked, stressed out, and anxious and feel that you are always supporting others, but no one supporting you 

  • You are fearful of developing diseases, illnesses, or complications with your health in the future if you do not start to make some changes to your health as soon as possible 

  • You want to make improvements to your health but in the past when you attempted to make changes you were unsuccessful, and now you feel unmotivated and discouraged

  • You feel like your current health care professionals don’t spend enough time with you to really understand what you struggle with, and their recommendations haven’t been the most helpful


- Holistic approach + evidence-based recommendations - 


  • When working with me you will receive a comprehensive care plan that utilizes the best techniques from both holistic modalities and evidence-based strategies for improving the health issues you are currently struggling with, ranging from fatigue, digestive complaints, sleep issues, stress, anxiety and more. This approach will provide you with the opportunity to create your own unique health care plan based on what you feel resonates the most with your personality and lifestyle.


- Utilization of an empathetic perspective to understanding your story -


  • Perhaps with practitioners in the past, you have felt like they brush off your concerns and don’t really understand where you’re coming from. I will approach your concerns and story with an empathetic perspective based on my personal experience with many of my own health concerns. I understand your struggle, your frustrations, and your concerns and am here to support you.


- Multi-faceted wellness plans - 


  • You may feel that you need a multi-faceted approach when it comes to improving your health. If you feel you would benefit from receiving hands-on education, coaching, and culinary services, I have the capability to combine cooking lessons, meal prep, and other educational services such as grocery store tours and kitchen makeovers alongside my consulting services to amplify the impact of our work together.


- 24/7 access to support via text, call, or email between sessions - 


  • You have the ability to contact me 24/7 via phone, text, or email if you feel you need support, advice, or have a question between our scheduled sessions. My clients will often text or email me when they are having a particularly challenging day or when they have questions and I am able to provide real-time feedback which improves the likelihood of them achieving their goals.

- Ample time dedicated to you - 


  • You may have noticed that most health care practitioners rush through your appointments and leave you feeling unimportant and unattended to. I spend ample time (on average 60-90 minutes/session) learning about you and your unique health history so that we can co-create a customized and actionable plan to improve your well-being


- In-person, Skype, and phone call appointment options - 


  • You may work long hours, maybe you have kids that need to get around town, or perhaps you live outside of the city. Regardless, getting to appointments in a hectic city can be challenging and frustrating. I offer my clients the option to meet in person, over the phone, or through Skype which provides you peace of mind when scheduling appointments.


- Relationships are imperative - 


  • I take the time and make the effort to get to know and understand you so that there is a foundation of trust and respect established as we begin to work towards your goals and improve your well-being.


- Improving your health concerns is my top priority -


  • I am a results-based practitioner, meaning that I want to make sure that our time together improves your health and quality of life. I help you establish an actionable care-plan and realistic goals to help you experience a renewed sense of well-being.


- Holistic wisdom combined with evidence-based care - 


  • I firmly believe that Western medicine and an Eastern approach can co-exist and be combined to produce a meaningful impact on your health that is based on the wisdom of holistic methods layered with evidence-based health-care techniques.


- No rushed appointments -


  • You will never feel rushed during my 60-90 minute sessions because I structure my consultations to provide ample time for you to share your concerns, ask questions, and for me to provide meaningful information and recommendations.


- Flexibility with scheduling -


  • You can conveniently schedule appointments with me in-person, at your home, over the phone, or via Skype so that you can customize your program based on your time constraints and schedule.


- Consistent contact and support - 


  • You may find that you have a lingering question or concern between sessions. Maybe you find that you need additional support around a particularly challenging issue. I make myself available to you 24/7 and I also check-in with you once a week between sessions to help you stay accountable to your goals.


- Ability to combine services -


  • Unlike many health consultants, I offer the option to combine my other services to enhance the effectiveness of your customized wellness plan. I can combine my consulting services with any of the following services:

  • In-home meal prep

  • Grocery store tours

  • Kitchen and pantry makeovers

  • Menu and meal planning

  • Cooking lessons





“Signing up for sessions with Tristan with Honest to Goodness Health was the best investment of time I have ever made. I've never done anything like this before and didn't quite know what to expect. Tristan was insightful and inspiring. But more than that, she was practical, and came up with suggestions which worked for me, and followed up with great resources to keep me on track. 

I also learned that the best time to start this is NOW. Things might not go seamlessly, life can be chaotic, calamities can occur in day to day life, and yes, there are sooo many distractions, but truly, everyone can benefit from Tristan's kindness, compassion, honesty, and fantastic suggestions. She will inspire that better person inside of you to come out and play.

Go for it! You'll be glad you did.”


“I absolutely love and appreciate the gracious kind and non-judgmental approach Tristan shares when you are discussing something as personal as your eating habits and addictions.


Her encouraging insightful health and wellness coaching is full of mind-blowing education and methods that will get you back on track to better health and keep you asking for more.


I feel it’s a grounding spiritual journey toward self-discovery, renewed energy and balance. I even like myself again!”


“Upon meeting Tristan I really felt her warmth and saw her commitment to making a difference. It was amazing through learning new recipes and the coaching I received I really started to feel a shift. Who would have thought that my relationship with food could affect areas of my life? Definitely in my decision making.


Her no b.s. and ability to lead me to uncover blind spots for my myself in my life made it easier for me to drop into the space I needed to be to fully get what I needed out of coaching. I had never worked with a health coach or nutritionist before and I have to admit I really see the benefits of doing so. I am excited to meal prep and actually cook now!”