Tristan Thibodeau

Empowerment Coach

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Wellness-Minded Chef

POWERED BY Ignite The Stoke




- You don't have the time- 


  • You’re busy, but you want to provide enticing entrees food with a personalized touch that speaks to your personality

  • You want to be involved in the menu planning, but you want to be relaxed and engaged during the event


- You want your event to be memorable -


  • You want to provide a memorable experience, but you feel out of your element orchestrating your ideas or want a creative’s input

  • You want to be a participant in the party, and you prefer that someone else plans and prepares all of the food so that you can eliminate the headache


- You have specific dietary needs - 


  • You or your guests have a food allergy or sensitivity and therefore you have specific menu adjustments such as gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, etc.
    You or your guests follow a specific diet philosophy such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, and need meals created with these adherences in mind


- You don't want to hire a caterer - 


  • You want someone to prepare food for your event, but don’t want to invest in a large-scale caterer

  • You have worked with a caterer before, but felt the experience was impersonal, rushed, or too generic


- We provide all-inclusive menu and meal planning - 


  • All event and party menus are customized to make your vision come to life

  • Our in-home private cooking services take care of every aspect of providing incredible courses for your special event including the menu planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, plating, serving, and cleanup


- We offer creative preparation, design, and presentation -


  • Share your menu ideas with our chefs and then sit back and watch your concept come to life

  • Our chefs have a passion for creativity and flare which provides a visually exciting display for your meals that is sure to excite your guests


- We are nutrition and health trained professionals - 


  • Honest to Goodness Health is built on the foundation of making healthy food accessible and appealing. Our in-home private cooking services provide you with a unique combination of delicious and healthful meals

  • I am first and foremost a Nutritionist with years of educational training in Dietetics allowing me to provide you with menus and meals that adhere to any dietary specification you may have


- Our chefs are personable and professional - 


  • Our chefs have established their love for food through working in restaurants, owning their own cooking businesses, or demoing cooking classes ensuring that you will be working with passionate and driven professionals

  • At Honest to Goodness Health, we pride ourselves are being approachable and dedicated to customer satisfaction. You can expect an interactive experience where our chefs will entertain your guests, answer their questions, and provide interesting information about our meals and ingredients




- We offer 100% customizable experiences - 


  • Your event or party will be created based on your vision, ensuring that it represents your personality, tastes, and preferences


- We offer all-inclusive services -


  • Menu planning, shopping, food prep, cooking, platting, serving, and cleanup are all included with our in-home private cooking services


- We are multi-faceted professionals - 


  • Our chefs have backgrounds in Nutrition, Dietetics, design, the restaurant industry, formal culinary training, cooking instruction, and entrepreneurship providing an exceptional level of service


- Our services are provided from the convenience of your home -


  • Our services are provided out of your home kitchen to keep things stress-free so you can avoid the hectic nature of a large scale caterer


- We ensure delicious and well-being focused meals -


  • Our diverse background in the many facets of the wellness industry combined with our experience in the food preparation and restaurant world provide meals that are as good for you as they are delicious


- Here are some examples of events we have cooked for in the past: -


  • Inclusive retreats and getaways

  • Social gatherings

  • Social clubs and interest-based society gatherings

  • Private dinner parties

  • Intimate brunches, lunches, or dinners



I had the pleasure of enjoying a weekend of delicious meals created by Tristan the private chef at a women’s retreat I was spending a weekend at. Upon meeting Tristan I really felt her warmth and saw her commitment to making a difference in each of our lives. Thank you, Tristan! Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve definitely made a difference in my life.


“Thanks for making my husband’s birthday brunch such a success!


We totally loved what you did, everything was amazing!




“I had Tristan of Honest to Goodness Health cook for a party at my house for registered dietitians.  She put together a creative, delicious menu that not only did all of my dietitians (hard critics) enjoy but so did our husbands.  I highly recommend her chicken and her vegan lentil loaf with mushroom gravy!  She is efficient and reasonably priced.  She cleaned up and put away all the leftover food and left my kitchen cleaner than when she arrived.”