- You want to give a unique gift or host a special occasion - 


  • You are at a loss on what to gift a loved one or family member 

  • You have a special event coming up that you want to commemorate with a unique experience

  • You want to “wow” your friends and provide them with a memorable experience that they will rave about for days


- You have goals for your health and need support -


  • You need to change your diet to combat or improve a health condition and you feel lost with where to start

  • You want to start following a specific diet or style of eating such as Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Whole30, etc, and you feel overwhelmed with the required changes

  • You want to start eating healthier to improve your overall well-being, but you generally dislike food that is healthy and you want to find a middle ground.

  • You want to start cooking for yourself but have little kitchen experience and are intimidated to get started alone

  • You are health conscious and feel that other cooking lessons or demos do not emphasize healthful ingredients or preparation methods


- Customized private lessons that are entertaining, engaging, and memorable - 


  • If you are looking for something different to do for date night, a weekday get-together, or a weekend party for your friends, prepare to be entertained, inspired, and educated by the engaging style of cooking lessons provided by Honest to Goodness Health. Whether you are scheduling a cooking lesson for yourself or hosting an event for a group of guests, your customized cooking lessons are sure to be memorable!


- Instruction that is adaptable and convenient -


  • If you are purchasing cooking lessons for yourself or for another person, the experience will be completely customized to match your taste preferences and interests to ensure an enjoyable experience

  • The entire experience is brought to you so that you can enjoy the lesson from the convenience and comfort of your own home. This also allows you to learn how to use your appliances, tools, and equipment in the lesson so that you can expect similar results when you cook on your own. 

  • Lessons can be adapted to your skill level so that you can both learn and enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed


- Health-focused cooking education based on clinical and holistic nutrition - 


  • You can take control of your health by receiving cooking lessons based on the best known diet-related therapeutic strategies from a health professional trained in Dietetics, Human Nutrition, and Holistic Health Coaching.  

  • If you are trying to accomplish a specific goal related to your health such as improved energy, sleep quality, and brain focus, experimenting with different styles of eating is a great way to observe changes in your well-being and find what works best for your body. Cooking lessons can be adapted to teach a specific style of eating so that you feel confident implementing the recommendations for various nutrition philosophies.

  • Lessons are structured around meals that are not only incredibly delicious but are also healthful to the body and replicable on your own time. This makes transitioning to a healthier lifestyle less intimidating and eliminates the fear that eating food that is good for you is tasteless and boring. 



- Your satisfaction is my priority - 


  • Unlike other lessons provided by a culinary school where you must travel to their location for the lesson, I bring the lesson directly to your home where you can practice new skills in your kitchen where you will eventually be applying what you have learned as you cook for yourself in the future.

  • If you are purchasing cooking lessons as a gift, I completely customize the lesson based on the skillset and taste preferences of the individual which ensures that the experience will be catered uniquely to them


- I lead with a food philosophy based on health and wellness -


  • As a Health Coach who has a Master’s in Human Nutrition, I have a thorough understanding of nutrition interventions that are useful for a variety of health conditions, which allows me to teach you how to prepare food in a way that adheres to organizational guidelines for various health concerns.

  • I have personal and academic experience with the most popular styles of eating such as Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Vegetarian, Ayurveda, and more. This allows me to develop recipes, provide education, and demonstrate various cooking methods that are useful for a specific diet philosophy.


- I aim to impress and entertain - 


  • I love to “wow” people with making food that is wholesome and healthful for your body, tastes delicious and dare I say, decadent. If you are apprehensive of eating healthier because you are fearful of eating bland and tasteless food, fear not for my cooking lessons will help you love what you are eating and know that you are also providing benefit to your body.

  • I love to entertain and have worked in the restaurant industry for most of my life which has allowed me to combine professionalism with an engaging experience that will charm your guests and leave them raving about how much fun they had at your get-together for days.



“Tristan exceeded my expectations by being incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, flexible and affordable. I plan to work with Tristan again and would recommend her to anyone. My particular use was for an in-home family cooking class to learn new recipes that solved for many dietary restrictions. I provided the restrictions and overall likes/dislikes and she took it from there.


She wrote up a menu, brought all of the supplies, talked us through each recipe and provided alternatives so each recipe became even more recipes, left behind recipes, and then emailed the recipes after. 


Tristan is a wealth of knowledge on how to combine food types for optimal taste, nutrients, and digestion. But she also provided cooking tips and tricks. The whole event was incredibly fun because Tristan is a joy to be around and genuinely cares about her clients. She made me feel comfortable to ask any questions during the event and after.


If you're on the fence about talking to a nutritionist or in-home chef for a party, or a dietary consultant, try Tristan, you won't regret it!”