Tristan Thibodeau

Empowerment Coach

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Wellness-Minded Chef

POWERED BY Ignite The Stoke

About Tristan

Some people are born creators, some organizers, and some persuaders. 

Me? I was born a helper.

As such, I have enriched my life through education and additional skill-building designed to equip me with the tools needed to help others live happier and healthier lives.


After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics, my Master's Degree in Human Nutrition, and the certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I founded Honest to Goodness Health to create a vehicle of healthcare that aligned with my values.



My model of health care represents a relationship between client and health coach where you are met with appreciation and understanding for your bio-individuality. 

I am a firm believer that utilizing a holistic approach to health is the most meaningful way to radically improve your well-being.


By evaluating how lifestyle, relationships, emotional state, and career influence your habits and mindset, we are able to consider the underlying factors that are holding you back from achieving an elevated state of health.



As a result of this belief, I strive to meet my clients where they are without judgment and aim to improve all components of their health by identifying factors that might be limiting their progress. 

These factors might include but are not limited to:

Poor sleep quality
Poor eating habits
Digestive issues
Draining relationships
Unhappiness in career
Lack of a creative outlet
Lack of a movement practice

Sometimes we are too close to the problem to understand how to make meaningful changes, and that's what I'm here for.  


Digestive wellness

Stress reductions and time management

Healthy cooking/meal planning

Diet and lifestyle modification

Elimination diets

Private in-home cooking lessons

Health is not just about diet and exercise.


Health encompasses the whole person and includes every area of their life. Together, we will work through these areas and fine-tune your lifestyle to help you live happier, healthier, and more vibrant!


If you feel tired, run-down, can't sleep, can't get in better shape, feel that joy is lacking in your life, or are just fed up with how things have been going, I am here to help.